Uploading via Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer allows you to transfer files directly to your FTP site without requiring an FTP utility: 

     1. Launch Windows Explorer and open the folder that contains your Web site pages.

     2. Establish an Internet connection, then open Internet Explorer.

     3. In the Internet Explorer Address Bar, type your FTP Site URL as shown in this email:

"ftp://," followed by your domain name; for example, "ftp://yourdomain"

     4. In the "Log on As" dialog box, enter your FTP user name and password, and then click "Log On." If an FTP Folder Error dialog box appears, click "OK," and then click "Log in As" in the File menu to open the "Log On As" dialog box.

     5. Select the files to transfer in Window Explorer and drag them to your FTP directory in Internet Explorer. You can also copy and paste the necessary files.

For detailed instructions, please consult the Uploading with

Internet Explorer tutorial:  http://ftphelp.secureserver.net/IE/ie.htm

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